Tiny Toes

TinyToes ReflexageTinyToes Reflexage – a simple, effective unique combination of REFLEX-ology and Mass-AGE…What we touch on their body we can mirror on their feet.

Historians have found evidence of baby massage and reflexology dating back over 3000 years in many regions around the world. It helps soothe, calm and reassure babies and enhances the bond between parents and their baby. By using massage, you can observe your baby for areas of tension, soothe their muscles and relax their bodies.

Reflexology then works deeper to ease these tensions further, allowing you to pinpoint key areas.

Touch is the first sense to develop

TinyToes ReflexageTouch is the first sense to develop while your baby is still in the womb. Babies and young children depend on touch for learning about the world.

Our skin is our largest organ and is in a constant state of readiness to receive messages. A baby’s first language is touch. It plays a vital role in attachment, helping you and your baby bond.

It helps babies communicate their needs and wants, interact with other people and learn to explore their environment. Positive touch releases the ‘love’ hormone oxytocin in both parent and baby, promoting feelings of nurturing and social bonding.

TinyToes Reflexage

Equilibrium ReflexologyResearch shows that babies who are massaged are more alert, gain weight faster and sleep more soundly while reflexology promotes relaxation and can help relieve many discomforts.

Massage can also reduce stress levels in parents, helping them to be more responsive to their babies’ needs.

You can use reflexology as a natural healing therapy for acute illnesses as well as a preventative maintenance tool for good health.

Reflexology is an effective and safe therapy

Equilibrium ReflexologyReflexology is an effective and safe therapy, based on the principle that reflex points found on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs and systems of the body.

Babies are especially responsive to reflexology. It works very well for most babies.

Many mothers will instinctively rub their children’s feet and hands when their child is unsettled, crying, or uncomfortable.